Who We Are

After years of working with individuals who did not know their life's purpose. Deyona made a commitment to share her story of how she identified her purpose and made it her life's mission to come alongside others to discover their purpose.

​DK Enterprise is a faith-based organization with a team of Purpose Pushers that work with individuals to identify the purpose and calling on their life. Our vision is to empower individuals by helping them reconcile their life experiences in order to live out their purpose. ​

At Deyona Kirk Enterprise, we also partner with non-profits, small businesses, and organizations to strengthen teams and increase capacity.  Our mission is to use our expertise and experiences to empower teams, provide support service and consulting to organizations that are doing meaningful work in the community. 


Deyona Kirk is passionate about her family. She is a mother of two phenomenal adult sons and five incredible grandsons. Having her first child at the age of 12 years old, Deyona is an Overcomer.

Deyona believes that God has not wasted any of her experiences including abuse, teen pregnancy, homelessness, divorce, and being a single mother. The experiences have only made her on fire for Christ. She believes the experiences were opportunities that God used to reveal his power to her and to show her who He is. Also, for her to show others how to become an Overcomer. 

Deyona is also the co-founder of Mornings in the Word and Trainer for Leaders Growing Leaders. She has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Behavior. She has worked in the affordable housing field for over 20 years. Deyona is extremely passionate about affordable housing and believes that everyone deserves it.  She is an entrepreneur who has owned several businesses. Deyona currently attends ministry school and is a servant leader in her local church, prayer warrior, curse breaker, affordable housing activist, and author.

If you are ready to pursue your purpose or if you are in need of consulting services or training; email us to set up your first consultation today.

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